Reference Project Fresh Concrete Oey AG

The builders and owners of Frischbeton Oey AG, Saanen, were looking for a sustainable energy solution for their new concrete plant.

Old, unused cellar rooms with a volume of around 175 m3 were converted into a water or ice storage tank and made available as an energy source for the 45 kW heat pump. The roof surface is covered with 60 PVT hybrid collectors, which supply the heat for the regeneration of the ice/water storage.

The energy is provided for heating the command rooms by means of radiators, and for tempering the production hall and silos by means of fan heaters.

In addition, the fresh water basin for concrete production can be tempered with warm water up to 45° in order to produce quality concrete with placement temperatures of over 12° even in the cold season.

This overall concept with solar-heated quality concrete is a pioneering achievement and is being realised for the first time and as a showcase project.

Total system consisting of:
- 60 PVT Solar Hybrid modules Silverstar SL 265 integral
- CPD 45 D heat pump, Heim AG
- Hydraulics + control B-Solartec AG
- Ice storage with approx. 175 m3 water volume and chrome steel heat exchangers

The 60 hybrid modules have a total installed output of 45 kWp thermal and 15.9 kWp electrical.

The thermal energy is primarily available for the regeneration of the ice storage and the electricity for the heat pump and the operation of the concrete plant.

During the icing process, the heat exchangers are always re