Hybrid collector

Photovoltaics and solar thermal energy are a symbiosis. They multiply the energy yield of your roof surface.
From 1,000 W of solar energy per m2 , a normal photovoltaic module generates up to 200 W of electricity, but suffers a significant drop in output as temperatures rise. Our PVT Solar hybrid collectors provide the full 200 W of electrical energy without loss, increasing the electricity yield by up to 25% compared to a pure PV module. The PVT collectors deliver an additional 500 W of thermal energy per m2 and thus multiply the efficiency from 20 to over 70%.

Blackpearl FSG-310 i

The Blackpearl FSG-310 i is the smartest PVT module on the market: loadable up to 13,000 Pa (alpine snow load) and walkable. The aesthetically pleasing all-glass look in fullblack and without frame is reminiscent of a black pearl. The system is easy and cost-efficient to install as an in-roof module: without hooks and visible fasteners! This also includes the clever substructure system. The FSG-310i is also available as a pure PV module. This way your roof area can be combined with PVT and PV as desired.

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BlackDiamond BSM-425

The BlackDiamond is the most powerful module on the market: 425 W electrical plus 975 W thermal at the same time = 1,400 W total output. Ideal for on-roof and flat-roof systems, best suited for ground probe and ice storage regeneration. Best price/performance ratio, efficient and economical.

Our hybrid collectors are also available as pure PV modules: PVT Solar BSM-425 and SPM-420

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BlackDiamond SPM-420

The popular BMS-425 is now also available in a full black version:

By the way: We recommend mounting the modules in portrait format. More efficient, cheaper and higher utilisation of the roof surface, especially outside the securant. This way, the outer row of modules becomes a safety marker on the flat-roof.

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Classical solar thermal energy tries to achieve the warmest possible water for domestic hot water consumption. This strategy was and is often not effective and also not economical. Stagnation temperatures of over 200°C are damaging to the materials themselves, stresses due to material expansion harm heat transfer media and seals.

A rethink is called for: the winter balance and the application strategy for the heating period are important. Therefore, we focus on the source side of the heat pump. This makes annual yields of 450 to 750 kWh/m2 possible.

Even if the cooling of the PV modules is not the main reason for using PVT, it is still the right approach: With this effort to keep the PV(T) modules as cool as possible throughout, we can maximise the electrical yield as well as the thermal yield. And in this way we also increase the service life of the modules, as they are subjected to much less stress and ageing due to the additional mechanical stability and resistance as well as the much smaller thermal fluctuations and fundamentally lower temperatures.


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